Heat resistant adhesive

Bonding metal to metal is possible with a variety of adhesives. What is important is what you want from the adhesive? Fast bonding, filling the gap? Is it resistant to high temperatures? BOSS 5.13 and BOSS 2.07 fast adhesives are ideal products for fast bonding.

How do you bond your broken plastic goods?
If you want to fasten your broken plastic goods (parts) quickly, it can be bonded with Quick Adhesives (Cyanoacrylate). The product may change according to the wall thickness of the part to be bonded, but if you need a general purpose product, you can easily apply with BOSS 5.13.
Fabric adhesive
BOSS 5.07 gel can be used for fabric adhesive. Due to its density, it provides excellent adhesion on porous surfaces.
Plastic Adhesive

If you still want to glue a plastic material with a plastic material, ask yourself a few questions first.

Do you want to make a very fast paste? Time is very important to you or you can wait 5 minutes or more but don’t need to be too fast but get a strong glue.

Do you want to make a very strong bonding?

Do you want to disassemble the part you pasted again?

How many degrees of heat do you want it to withstand? Looking for a water-resistant adhesive? Do you want to bond the plastic with plastic or with different materials?

Generally, the first product group that comes to the minds of everyone because of fast adhesion is the technical name “Fast Adhesives“ or “Cyanoacrylate Adhesives or Japanese adhesives that are frequently used by the public. Usually sold on the market between 0.5 USD and 1 USD. They are purchased very often because of their misleading perception because of their prices, but at the end of the day you have to paste the part you have glued again and again, and after a few uses, the product, which actually seems cheap, will actually be more expensive due to time and use. Do you want to paste paper or cardboard then you can buy cheap-looking adhesives, we hope they will work, but once you want to glue and bone like you need to choose your adhesive carefully. Plastic materials in folk language are divided into many groups in itself. PE, PP, PU, ​​HDPE and LDPE etc. eniz if you are a professional user then it is important to choose a product according to your production process. Having problems choosing products. Please contact us for your technical questions. info@bossindustrial.com or 02122012004