BOSS INDUSTRIAL manufactures the latest technology and advanced structural adhesives. Our BOSS INDUSTRIAL® series of structural adhesives offer increased strength and flexibility. Curing times vary depending on the grade and application requirements.

BOSS INDUSTRIAL® MMA Structural adhesives, without loss of mechanical strength The difference in viscosity and curing times allows manufacturers to choose the grade that best suits their production process, resulting in higher productivity and lower costs.

Typical advantages of BOSS INDUSTRIAL® Structural Adhesives include:

  • Uniform stress distribution over a surface
  • Weight saving for light construction
  • The surface and texture of the combined materials remain the same
  • Prevention of pressure or fluid loss with sealed connections
  • Less corrosion risk when combining different materials
  • Our BOSS INDUSTRIAL® Structural adhesive range offers superior strength in bonding Composites, Thermoplastics, Metals and dissimilar surfaces. Our range of structural acrylic adhesives are designed for industry sectors such as:
  • Energy – wind turbine body assemblies, wind blades, solar panels
  • Transport – rail, buses, buses, cars, trucks, planes
  • Marine – yachts, shirts, leisure boats, sails
  • Construction – FRP facades and bridges, security gates, acrylic signs
  • Industrial – bonding metals, thermoplastics, thermosets, PMMA, ABS, PC and composite assemblies

Customized formulations can be developed to meet your specific application needs, and a variety of packaging options are available. We offer our customers comprehensive technical assistance with product applications and product samples are available on request.